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Drywall finishing can be a bit more involved than you believe from a smooth finish to exterior wall covering and overall wall feel! From levels 0-6, here's a look at the six main types of drywall finishing and the costs associated with each. Construction is a major part of the final drywall look and feel, so we'll start there. Let's cover the basic types of construction materials as well as the costs associated with construction, and how often drywall finishing may be required.


Drywall Finishing

Drywall finishing in Auburn, Washington can include either ‘down-filling’ or ‘up-filling’. Down filling involves gluing down the interior layer of drywall while top-filling involves feeding the drywall top layer with an exterior latex foam. Most drywall finishers will recommend a blend between the two depending on the type of construction. Common interior finishes include ‘natural’, ‘stained’ and ‘painted’ finishes. Exterior finishes can include glossy, matte and rough textures. There are many more available, but these are the most common types used in construction today.

Drywall finishing techniques can include painting, staining, silvering and gilding depending on the look you want. Whether you are doing a small home improvement project or a large scale renovation, there’s a type of finish drywall installation to suit your needs. In fact, it’s possible to find pros who will complete the project for you from start to finish – you simply choose the style you want and let the experts do the rest. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or someone who prefers to leave the job to a specialist, there is a drywall finishing service to suit you.

Some of the most popular finishes include: glazing, beading, staining, Golding, peeling, seaming, brush on, striping and grooving. Glazing is when a thin layer of compound is applied to the surface of the drywall while the other finishes are applied to the top and bottom of the wall. Beading is a very popular technique that creates a textured look. Stained, golded and brushed on finishes allow you to create the unique design and texture that you desire.

Many companies will also include a special tool for stucco applications. Known as a ‘finishing gypsum board kicker’, it’s a small metal blade that fits securely into the wood cavity of a drywall piece. It is used to apply a very thin, even layer of gypsum to the surface of the drywall. It is used in conjunction with a trowel and a finishing compound to complete the drywall application. This process is much faster than the standard trowel application of drywall plaster and can even be used to repair tiny holes or cracks.

The finishes discussed above are just some of the types of finishes available for your drywall surfaces. If you have trouble deciding what type of finish would best fit your walls, I recommend talking to a drywall contractor. They will be able to provide you with a custom quote to satisfy your needs. In fact, some contractors may even offer free advice on what finishes would work best in your home.

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