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The phrase "Drywall Hanging", refers to the act of fastening gypsum panels together with drywall screws. Gypsum is usually added to the panels in a powder form. Then it is mixed with glue to form a dry, hard mass which is then pressed into place. Drywall hanging requires skilled skill and expertise. But, special tools unique to this hanging method make the task easier.


Drywall Hanging

In addition to drywall hanging, Gypsum boards are used as supports for ceilings and wall cavities. However, drywall nails are used to attach these to beams and joists. It is a typical practice to use nails similar to those in drywall installation. Some people even get creative and use nails and hinges instead of drywall nails. However, drywall nails are still widely used in construction work. Gypsum is added later, once the wall is ready.

To start off, there is the need to assemble all the necessary parts such as screws, drywall anchors and fasteners, drywall clips and drywall hanger. You can either buy pre-fabricated kits at the hardware store or make your own. It is important that you choose screws and fasteners that will work well with the building material you have chosen. If the screws do not go in easily, you may have to add a few more holes before tightening them.

After all the necessary parts are installed and secured, you can start doing drywall hanging in Auburn, Washington. You need to locate a stud that runs from ceiling to floor. Once the stud is located, mark it on the backside with a utility knife. The purpose of this mark is to guide you when you proceed to drill the drywall anchor. After you have marked the stud, pull out the drywall anchors and the drywall fasteners and begin drilling the anchor holes onto the backside of the stud. Make sure you use the same sized screws as what were used during the installation process.

After you have drilled all the anchor holes, screw the studs onto the drywall. Make sure that you secure the studs using drywall screws. You may encounter miscuts here and it is important that you address those first. When faced with miscuts, it is better to break off the damaged piece rather than trying to glue the stud back together. You may have to sand the wall to smoothen the cuts.

Once you have installed all the studs, the next step is to install the drywall panel. This panel should be positioned inside the edges of the first and the second row of holes. It is important that you don’t forget to anchor the corners of the panel. After installing the corner sections, the rest of the sides may need to be anchored. You may need to sand the ends to smooth the cuts. You may need to install nails at every nail location to keep the panel firmly in place.

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